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Lucid Liquid Refills

Lucid Liquid Refills

Lucid Liquid is highest grade liquid paraffin, filtered for even greater purity. It burns slow and clean and gives over 200 hours of burn time with Lucid Candles. Its high kindling point makes it safe – it will only burn when vaporized on a wick! It is crystal clear. Spills won’t stain or damage textiles or furnishings – just clean up and wash like normal.

Burning fragrant oil destroys fragrance molecules rather than dispersing them. Fragrant oils will result in an unclean burn and diminish the performance of your Lucid Candle.

Lucid Liquid is the highest grade liquid paraffin available and we quad-filter it for even greater purity. It burns clean. And ounce-for-ounce it provides long times and real economy. We cannot guarantee the performance, cleanliness or safety of any other product than Lucid Liquid.

We do not recommend you using any other product with the Lucid Candle.

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