Today at Taste Collection we have the opening party for Kape Republik, the crinkle cookie pop up will continue on until August 3rd! I had a chat with Karla to learn how she built such an impressive and successful brand.....


How did Vape Republic come about?

1. Kape Republik was created in 2016 by Karla Purificacion who spent many years in the fashion industry as a Brand Manager. A coffee enthusiast, she partnered up with a team of people in   creating a coffee shop with a heavy Filipino influence in both the drinks and fusion pastries. Although Filipino food has been an upcoming trend in the foodie scene (in both the east and west coast) - there was still a niche open for an innovative modern Filipino bakery and that’s exactly what Kape Republik has become. 


You have a stunning Filipino / American coffee shop on the West coast, how is the Filipino culture infused with the coffee shop ?

2. As a Filipino American myself, it was important to play with a lot of our childhood flavors into our French/American style pastries. We have a lot of drinks and treats that have that special Filipino touch that many (who have never had Filipino desserts) have grown to love!


Whats the strangest cookie request you have ever had? 

3. Savory cookies! 😱



Which flavors will you be bringing to the East Coast ? 

4. We will be bringing Ube (Filipino Purple Yam) and Buko Pandan (Coconut Pandan) - our most popular crinkle cookies.

5. At our California location, we bake 25 dozen of the crinkle cookies on a weekday and that number doubles on the weekends. We average making 45 dozen of the ube crinkle alone on a weekend!


Can you let us in on the secret to why the Crinkle’s taste so good ? 

6. It’s love 😜 honestly part of the secret is using real quality ingredients. we use real ube in the ube crinkles, and real coconut chunks in the buko. Butter, we use real butter in everything! 



Favorite Filipino dish? 

7. Turon (a Filipino deep fried dessert egg roll with plantains jackfruit and caramelized sugar) - we’ve actually made our own version of this in to a Baked Turon (a puff pastry with all the same deliciousness inside)



Any words for young  entrepreneurs out there?

8. As a young, female, minority business owner, it will never be easy but with everything it’s easier if you’re passionate about what you do. People will tell you no, never doubt yourself. You have to take risks in order to be different and to succeed in such a competitive industry. Like I always say, you have to be a little crazy to make it in business 💜





Instagram : @kaperepublik

Website : www.kaperepublik.com

Words by Sophie Sumner 


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