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NY Locations : Bryant Park

NY Locations : Bryant Park
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Words by: Edie Kim
Photos by: Mig Ayesa
Modeled by: Sophie Sumner

    Midtown encapsulates most first-timers’ preconceptions of New York City; the streets brimming with fast-talking men in sharp suits, the proud towers and illustrious hotels that outrival the sky, and the famous Fifth Avenue lined with luxury boutiques that emanate a elusive allure. New York has been long-recognized as a commercial and cosmopolitan empire since the industrial success of Rockefeller and the emergence of skyscrapers in the late 1800’s. Rockefeller Center remains a testament to the legacy incepted in Midtown, as does Times Square, and Bryant Park.

    Bryant Park was, in fact, a recipient of the generosity of the Rockefeller family during its privately-funded restoration process 100 years after John D. Rockefeller first established himself as an international magnate in the same streets. The philanthropic efforts paid off as today’s Bryant Park offers an impressive array of public amenities including its own Wi-Fi network, an open-air library, custom-built carousel, free ice skating rink in the winter, and free movie screenings in the summer. Bryant Park is the perfect place to rest your feet after pounding the pavement in Midtown because the free facilities are a welcome luxury after window-shopping along Fifth Avenue.

    As Midtown is the largest central business district in the world and home to three out of the four major television networks in America, dressing comfortably for the requisite walking through the city and movie-watching in the park is second to primping up in case you cross paths with some of the world’s leading financiers or one of your favorite T.V. stars. Bryant Park is the only place you can skim a summer read on the same green chairs Hilary Duff used while reading a book of her own in “Younger.”

    Maybe the red suede pumps she wore isn’t the best choice if you’re planning on transitioning onto the grass to catch the screening of “When Harry Met Sally” after dark, but Hilary’s sophisticated styling of a simple dress sets the standard for a Midtown mood.

    A summer dress is the ideal union of fashionability and functionality. Summer dresses are designed to be comfortable and carefree; two qualities upon which Michelle (by Comune) built their brand. Our model Sophie chose a quintessential New Yorker’s LBD by Michelle (by Comune) for her excursion through Bryant Park and the luscious, soft fabric and relaxed form of this dress (available at Taste Collection) was perfect for both Fifth Avenue preening and playing in the park.

    All of Michelle (by Comune)’s designs are equally elegant and easygoing; your favorite tee-shirt type comfort realized in quality fabrics and contemporary cuts. Taste Collection boasts a broad range of their beautiful dresses in supply for the summer, or to be layered up with a leather jacket (a la Hilary) during the impending autumn months.

    Whether headed to Bryant Park with a date to watch “The Princess Bride” or with your best friends to watch “The Breakfast Club,” a summer dress from Taste Collection is the certain choice either way. Sitting in the grass with a picnic basket full of snacks may tempt you to opt for a tee-shirt instead, but when visiting a site where “Sex and The City” was filmed, it’s blasphemous to show up in anything but your best.

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