Our Top 5 Looks for #NationalBikiniDay

Our Top 5 Looks for #NationalBikiniDay

Summer is in full swing and the city is getting hotter by the day. Our only solace from the heat and humidity is stripping down to our swimmers and chillin’ poolside with a cold drink in hand. July 5th, 1946 is the anniversary of the invention of the beloved two piece bathing suit.


Ever since its debut on the paris runway, the two piece has revolutionized swimwear silhouettes and the way women embrace their curves. Till this day, the bikini has undergone many different transformations in terms of coverage and shapes. So in order to commemorate National Bikini Day and help ease your July 4th hangovers (because who doesn’t love a good photomontage of babes in bikinis?) we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 bikini looks for the summer.


Here are our top 5 bikinis in no particular order:


1) Itsy-bitsy-glittery bikini by Dippin’ Daisys


We love this bikini because with the minimum coverage you get to maximize your tanning. Plus, who doesn’t love to sparkle, especially on the beach?


2) 60’s cut floral bikini by Dippin’ Daisys

We love a vintage cut bikini that is flattering to all body types. The high cut bottoms make your legs appear longer and the top is flattering to both busty and modestly chested women.



3) Triangle tie dye bikini by Bikini Lab


We love a classic triangle bikini and this tie dye print on velvet is (excuse the pun) to die for.


4) Retro red bikini by Maylana Swimwear


Love this combination of retro stripes and bright red top from Maylana. Peep the cute peekaboo details on the sides of the high waisted bottoms. This bikini is the perfect blend of retro modern chic!


5) Black and white geometric bikini by Maylana Swimwear



This reversible bikini has a sporty cut that is flattering to all body types. The perfect combination of sporty and fashionable that takes you from playing beach volleyball to lounging poolside instantly.


Shop all these looks and more (we’ve got some fabulous once pieces in store too if that’s more your thing) at Taste Collection.


What’s your favorite bikini? Post your pictures and use the hashtag #NationalBikiniDay and tag @taste.collection on instagram!





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