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Love Yourself

Love Yourself
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Today, lingerie has become more than just underwear. Lingerie is becoming a celebration of women and femininity. Undergarments have developed into pieces that are able to give women confidence. These can affect how women feel and quite frankly, it’s empowering! Have a secret with yourself by wearing beautiful lingerie under normal, everyday work clothes. 


Single? In a relationship? Still recovering from that guy who didn’t text you back? It doesn’t matter! You deserve that sexy lingerie. You don’t need a significant other to feel significant. It’s more than just pieces of fabric, putting yourself first can have a positive effect on your mental health and well-being.  There’s something uplifting about being able to buy yourself something that makes you feel sexy. Ladies, you don’t need a reason to treat yourself! 


Nowadays, there are so many options for buying intimates. Not everybody is going to want a thong underwear or bras with cups. At Taste Collection, we’re giving you the option to feel comfortable AND sexy. You can go for a daring look or opt for a less provocative one. Whatever you are feeling, Taste Collection has it all for you. 



Photos by: Wai Ng

Makeup by: Crystal Chen

Styled by: Abby Aranda

Model: Angel Luchka


Brands used are Tadashi Shoji, Kiki Riki and Eccentrics


*All products are available in Taste Collection



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