Young Entrepreneur : Goldie

Young Entrepreneur : Goldie




How did you get into glass blowing?

I got into glass blowing because I wanted to work with scent for my undergrad thesis back in 2009. My background is in painting, but once I tried glass blowing for the first time I was hooked. 


What is something we don't know about you?

Im trying to get more into yoga. My mom got me into it , she is a yoga teacher back home. 


Beauty Hack?

Get enough sleep ! I get anxious before and after shows so a little bit of CBD oil works wonders. 


Favorite place you have visited?

Paris ! 


What is your spirit animal ?

Probably butterflies because one usually appears whenever something big happens. 


Any art hacks you can share with us?

If you can outsource anything that other people can do better than you then go for it ! I’m a horrible carpenter , but I enjoy blowing glass so I try to focus on that and ask help from friends that are experts in other mediums. 


Most valuable piece of advice? 

Stay humble , and work hard . Don’t compare yourself to others , everyone has their own path and pace.


Goldie - @_goldieland 

Words : Sophie Sumner 


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