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Sunday in Brooklyn - Sophie Sumner

Sunday in Brooklyn - Sophie Sumner
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Brunch is a meal best served in bed. Who really wants to get out of bed, drag their hungover self to a crowded restaurant, just to eat with same people you were with last night? Not me. However the occasional boozy brunch is admittedly fun, but only if the food (and the Bloodys) are worth it!

For this edition of  Model Eats, the crew checks out a popular Brooklyn brunch spot in the trendy Williamsburg neighborhood, Sunday in Brooklyn. With is name practically screaming “WE SERVE BRUNCH” we walked in hopeful that it was worth the hype.

The interiors of the three story establishment consist of exposed wood and white washed walls giving the space a light and airy feel. You definitely get the feeling that you’ve just walked into a hipsters instagram worthy apartment, but despite this the food for the most part seems to be offering more than your typical hipster fare.

First things first, some cocktails while we browse the menu. Brunch and Bloody Marys are practically synonymous and if the Bloodys are blah then chances are the brunch will be lackluster as well. Thankfully Sunday in Brooklyn absolutely killed it with their Mezcal Bloody Mary using fresh tomatoes and sambal. Served in a hefty glass and Topped with pickled veggies, this drink is a meal in itself. A good omen for the meal to come.


We started off our meal with a maple cheddar biscuit (yum) and ordered a variety of main courses. The meat lovers of the group ordered the burger and the sausage and egg sandwich. We say skip the burger and go for the breakfast sandwich, your hangover will thank you later. Juicy sausage tucked in a blanket of fluffy scrambled eggs and crispy shoestring potatoes, slapped with cheddar cheese and spicy gochujang aioli all nestled between a heavily buttered brioche bun - this is breakfast sandwich perfection.

For the healthier ones in the table, (and almost comical in comparison to previous orders) we ordered the grain bowl and spicy cauliflower sandwich. All pretty much what you would expect, healthy and quite satisfying.

No brunch is complete without something sweet to offset all the savory goodness. So we ordered a stack of the malted pancakes for the table to share. Not only is the stack of pancakes gorgeously coated in a sauce of hazelnut praline maple syrup, but the slightly undercooked pancakes and brown butter just melt in your mouth. To dine here and skip out on the pancakes is absolutely sinful. Definitely the star item on the menu.

Overall we would recommend this place for a big fun group. While not everything on the menu is worth the hype the overall vibe of the place is worth the brunch trip. Come for the vibes and stay for the pancakes!

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