Pearl Farm Resort - Yay or Nay?

Pearl Farm Resort - Yay or Nay?

Millennials crave for experiences, but they seem to earn significantly less than generations before them. However, with the advent of budget airlines and affordable resorts, the dream of travel becomes a reality for the majority of millennials. Some of them who work really hard to earn want to know if the money they use for traveling is worth the spending.

Pearl Farm Resort, a place home to an actual pearl farm, is located in Samal Island, off the coast of the infamous, smoke-free Davao City. This luxurious five-star resort has accommodations that are relatively pricey, and it would be practical to know what benefits a millennial can get out of their visit.

Instagram-Worthy and Culturally Relevant

Beach-lovers will get extremely jealous when they see stories of the pristine beaches surrounding the Pearl Farm Resort. Beach chairs from the resort line the shores to make the experience extremely convenient for all guests. As if the stunning beauty of nature is not enough, the resort also built several swimming pools for those who prefer to remain non-salty for the duration of their stay.

Each room has wonderful designs and weaves that are uniquely Mindanaoan, displaying pride in the culture of the people. If foreign millennials want a glimpse of local products, the gift shop has a variety of knick-knacks for them to enjoy. Each room would look amazing on an Instagram feed, perfect for social media curation.

Food for the Gram

he resort has a buffet of incredible variety, including fresh seafood and newly picked fruits. This piece of paradise also makes its own gelato, with flavors like calamansi and Malagos dark chocolate (Davao’s award-winning pride and joy.)

Environmentally Conscious = WOKE

Not a lot of resorts boast about being a marine sanctuary, but Pearl Farm’s efforts do not go unnoticed. Guests are not allowed to take items from the ocean or shore in order to preserve the island’s natural state. See giant clams is also a possibility, being one of the prominent tourists’ activities. You will be sure to take home remarkable underwater photographs if you fancy diving.

The resort also manufactures bamboo straws with a cleaning brush—beautifully crafted so you can keep it and use it in the future. They are keeping up with the trend of using less plastic, so there is less waste to produce. Commendable!

Paying for the Experience

In conclusion, although the resort is pricey (between PhP15,000-50,000), one cannot expect the same level of quality of service from a resort that costs less. If one does want to pay for a truly exclusive experience on an island without the inconvenience of noise or crowds, Pearl Farm is definitely the place to go.

Save up, it’s totally worth it!

Writer /Model: Aryn Cristobal
Photographer: Mark Dizon

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