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Vogue Class and Pride Party, June 24

Vogue Class and Pride Party, June 24
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Here at TCNY we celebrate diversity everyday. Love is love and we love you no matter where you fall on the gender spectrum and who you fall in love with. The month of june was pride month and while the pride parade culminates the month long festivities, here at TCNY, we decided to throw our own little party to celebrate love in our little corner of the LES.


But first, a brief history on how a series of riots at Greenwich Village’s Stonewall Inn formed the catalyst for the gay liberation movement and eventually today’s fight for LGBT rights across the United States. On June 28, 1969 the police raided in the Stonewall Inn, a local bar that became a safe haven for the underground gay community. Police raids were common in the 1960s as the US had a very anti-gay legal system. Tired of the constant harassment, on the night of june 28, the gay community decided to fight back and a series of riots erupted that lasted a couple of days. This led to the organization of activist groups with championed efforts to establish open spaces where gays and lesbians were free to express their sexual orientation without fear of being arrested. A year after the riots the first NYC pride march (spanning 15 city blocks) was held by the Christopher Street Liberation Day Committee and this is why most major pride events fall towards the end of June.


It’s thanks to those who were brave enough to stand up and fight for their rights that gay culture is widely celebrated today. For our own pride celebration, we threw a party on the closed orchard road street and held a free voguing class led by Karina Precious. Voguing, which came about from the underground drag ballroom scene, is all about self expression and freedom. It was also a way for people to throw shade at each other without fighting. Disputes were settled on the dance floor and those with the best moves won



With the help of our resident voguer, Karina, our guests and customers learned some of the basic moves, poses, and arm movements that are typical to the vogue vocabulary of movement. In no time she had them duck walking their way down orchard road. The class was a hit and while it was definitely a challenge for most, it brought out a celebratory mood and let everyone let loose and appreciate their fine, fabulous selves.



Passersby joined in on the fun and came to check out the stores sales and sip on the free bubly. If there is one thing you can always count on at our instore events, it’s always the free bubly! We hope you all enjoyed your pride month and although June is over remember to celebrate yourself and celebrate love the whole year through!


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