Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt

Artist statement:

The work I exhibited at Witch Hunt is part of my Fertility Flowers series, which reimagines Filipinx mythology in order to create a healing space for Asian and BIPOC women.

In mythology across cultures, transforming the female body into plant form was a narrative theme often used as a form of punishment for women who acted on their desires. In Filipinx mythology these female tropes were used to perpetuate submissive behavior with historical roots in colonialism.

As an Asian woman, and an immigrant from the Philippines, Fertility Flowers, is a space for me to recreate narratives that address the trauma directed towards the body. In our current times, I know that I am not alone, in processing the trauma and violence directed towards Asian bodies. The myths and narratives I have been researching, originated and written by Filipinos themselves — were a product of years of colonization in our history, therefore they encouraged women to be docile and submissive. We are either submissive or hyper sexualized, which leaves no room for our own spaces of erotic agency, and narrative. I hope that my art can offer that space and aims to offer healing, and a reimagining of these narratives in order to reclaim power and agency.

I imagine that the future of the art world to be more inclusive, and offer  opportunities for people of color, and immigrants that usually have less access to studio spaces and exhibition opportunities because of the need to work at other jobs in order to have access to facilities and to time in the studio.

-Goldie Poblador 

Photos by: Wai Ng

Glass Rings

Peacock Seed Lady, 2021 2.5" x 2" x4.5"

Yellow and Green Flower, 2021 6" x 4.5" x 5"

 Pole Dama de Noche in Flesh, 2021 10" x 11" x 6.5"

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