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Askan All Autumn

Askan All Autumn
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Words by: Edie Kim
Photos by: Anna Frumenti
Makeup & Styling by: Abby Aranda
Modeled by: Sophie Sumner & Liana Wright

   With windows full of lingerie-clad mannequins that beckon potential buyers to come in for some inhibition-diminishing champagne before perusing our array of lace-lined wares, Taste Collection has always been beholden to the liberal Lower East Side that provides us with the perfect clientele. Be it contemporary top-chef cuisine, authentic cultural niches, the countless art galleries, or the personally-curated boutiques; the Lower East Side has it all and all of the Lower East Side works together to promote both our neighborhood and our neighbors. Askan is one of our closest neighbors (and a member of the LES Partnership) so their collection of apparel is akin to ours in regards to avant-garde taste.

   Askan began as an online men’s boutique before becoming realized in brick and mortar just one block away from us. Specializing in street-style in addition to sophisticated semblances, Askan is the yang counterpart to our female-focused yin (though both Taste Collection and Askan are unisex boutiques). Askan is all you need in autumn as you transition from the sweaty summer days in our barely-there lingerie to dressing for the considerable chill carried by late September.

   As the yang to our yin, Askan provided all the fall-friendly wardrobe pieces used in this spread, while Taste Collection contributed all the makeup, intimates, and accessories (excluding Askan's trademark dad hats). Starting off our selections with black and white pieces only feels right in reference to such cosmically-balanced symbiosis. Our model, Sophie, is resplendent in Askan's double-breasted, black velvet vest dress that can be worn with Taste Collection's lingerie in early fall before being paired with a long-sleeved shirt or cozy turtleneck as the days grow colder. Our next model, Liana, emanates a goddess glow in Askan's following feature: a modern, off-the-shoulder white tunic with contemporary quarter-slits. This garment is nothing short of stunning as the clean lines relay elegance while the simplicity makes it the new default item in your closet.

   The next two items selected showcase the street-style strengths of Askan as the brand capitalizes on the skateboard scene so characteristic of the Lower East Side. Sophie's Barbara Kruger-inspired boyfriend tee is an iconic staple of this Lower East Side skate aesthetic. Liana's sheer crop top has the structure and comfort of a sweatshirt, reinvented through the use of sheer fabric and a chic print. The shorts she wears are a piece of art themselves, featuring a Jackson Pollock-style design painted by a local street artist.

   The dad hats are a timeless trend and Askan's personalized cheeky quips convey only the most authentic NYC attitudes. Hats are fall essentials as a practicality for warmth and as an accessory on wind-whipped bad hair days. Dad hats, specifically, pair with nothing better than another New York City staple: the bomber jacket. The risk of following current trends is that in an attempt to be fashionable, one often becomes forgettable instead. Askan's NYC-themed bomber jacket protects its wearer from the curse of the basic through unique patches which adorn the burgundy satin. Feel free to mix and match with leggings or jeans but be sure to polish off this look with a fresh pair of Timbs, of course.

   Last but not least is the one featured item that is doing the most: a sequin-denim hybrid jacket stitched from unicorn dreams. This jacket is that absolute-favorite-item-in-your-closet-that-gets-you-stopped-multiple-times-a-day-by-compliments-from-strangers type statement piece. I don't need to waste words describing its magic. Consider the following images a fashion journalist’s version of a mic drop.

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