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TCNY Beauty : Sleeping masks

TCNY Beauty : Sleeping masks
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Hello, there! My name is Cai, and I’m one of your resident Tasty Ladies, as we shop girls call ourselves. Today—and every week from now—I’ll be putting my experience as a beauty editor to good use by giving you all the low-down on my favorite products at the store.

Let’s get started with one of my desert island picks: Lapcos Sleeping Creams!


Now I know what most of you must be thinking: What the heck is a sleeping cream? Put simply, a sleeping cream (a.k.a. sleeping mask) is a twice-weekly treatment that serves as the last step of your nighttime routine. This is especially important as fall/winter approaches and the atmosphere becomes drier—a sleeping cream will lock in hydration and boost the benefits of your serums and night cream.


Another thing I appreciate about sleeping creams is that they’re ideal for lazy people! As much as I love our Lapcos sheet masks, sometimes I just don’t have the patience to wear them for 15 minutes. I just want to slap on the next product and move on with my life! Also, unlike sheet masks, sleeping creams are not at all messy. A dime-sized dollop will sink right into your skin—not your pillow!


Lapcos has three Sleeping Creams that address specific skin concerns. The first one I tried was the Pearl Peeling Sleeping Cream. I promise you, this will not make your face peel. It contains alpha hydroxy acid to exfoliate, while niacinamide creates a bright and even complexion. The morning after using it, I texted the Tasty Ladies: This stuff is game-changing. 





Next up is the Collagen Lifting Sleeping Cream. I can’t attest to the “lifting” results just yet, but I will say that this product definitely makes my skin plumper and smoother in the morning. While it does contain occlusive ingredients like shea butter, I’m happy to report that my normally acneic skin did not break out from using it.


Last up is the Aqua Spa Sleeping Cream. Think of it as the lighter version of its Collagen sister with its gel-like consistency and oil-free formula. Containing caprylic/capric triglycerides, these are fatty acids that deliver much-needed hydration for drier months—or after a night out drinking!




And that’s about it for today’s skincare sesh! Got any questions or requests for upcoming features? Hit me up at!

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