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Beauty Hack: Address All Your Skin Woes with Multi-Masking!

Beauty Hack: Address All Your Skin Woes with Multi-Masking!
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Words by: Cai Subijano

Photos : The Soap and Paper Company 

Did you know that experts like Linda Meredith, who is famous for being Gwyneth Paltrow’s facialist, don’t believe in skin types? Think about it: Your skin could be acneic during that time of the month, oily during the summer, and dry in the winter. Our skin types change as often as we change our minds, if you think about it! Instead, Linda believes that “we need to deal with skin problems not types.”

In this vein, I like to think that that’s why many facialists recommend that we multi-mask instead of using just one mask for our entire face. Multi-masking is basically using two to three masks one your face to address specific issues at once. For instance, if you tend to be congested around your T-zone and dry around your cheeks, it might help to apply a clay mask on your T-zone and a moisturizing one to your cheeks instead of using the clay mask all over.

Obviously sheet masks wouldn’t be ideal for this scenario, which is why I love the Mission Grove Masks by Soap and Paper Company. They are actually one of the very first beauty products that we’ve carried at the store! Each one comes in a little pot, so you can scoop out the right amount of product to use on a specific area. They are all vegan, not tested on animals and made in NYC.

Below is a breakdown of each mask they have and which skincare issue they address.


Hydrating Face Mask with Fig and Honey. Amazing for the impending cold weather. Apply to dry areas for 30 minutes to deliver moisture repair ingredients directly into your skin cells. It’s also safe enough for daily use. Pro tip: Leave it in the fridge to boost its anti-inflammatory effects!



Clarifying Face Mask with Cardamom and Coffee. This is wonderful for breakouts because it contains salicylic acid. There are two ways to use this mask: Apply very thinly all over for 15 minutes or use it as a spot treatment. If you’re sensitive to salicylic acid like I am, I recommend testing it on a small area first because this is potent stuff!




Soothing Face Mask with Madagascar Vanilla. Use this if your skin is too sensitive for the Clarifying Face Mask. Both clarifying and nourishing, it is loaded with kelp, spirulina and aloe, which will detoxify and cleanse gently. The kaolin clay is great for drawing out oil and impurities without being too harsh.



Oxygentating Face Mask with Sakura Blossom. This is definitely my favorite mask of the bunch. It exfoliates chemically with glycolic acid and physically with natural fruit fibers while being very gentle.  Formulated with blueberries and cranberries, it smells amazing and also oxygenates skin cells and delivers antioxidants.



Have you tried any of the Mission Grove Masks? Which one do you think we should reorder at the store? Let me know at!

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