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NY Locations - Coney Island

NY Locations - Coney Island
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“Sitting on a carousel ride without any music or lights. Everything was closed at Coney Island. I could not help from smiling,” sings a wistful Ben Gibbard, the lead singer of indie rock icons Death Cab for Cutie. These are the opening lines of their song “Coney Island” from the 2001 album, Photograph. The whole song conveys a sense of nostalgia and longing for summers past, youthful abandon, and perhaps love lost. Something about this iconic Brooklyn landmark brings about feelings of nostalgia and the carefree summer days of your youth perfectly encapsulated in this song.

As leaves start to change and the breeze carries a chill that evidently means the beginning of fall, we look back at this past summer and the memories we made.

Some of our favorite times with our girl gang include a summer trip to the Coney Island boardwalk. Running around like excited children in Luna Park; getting our toes sandy and daring to take a dip in the cold atlantic sea; stuffing our faces with hotdogs and cotton candy; and wandering through the aquarium - elements of a perfect summer day.

While our tans have faded and we layer up for the colder months ahead,  these pictures and memories will carry us through with a warmth in our hearts. And just like the lyrics of the song say, we look back and can’t help from smiling about a summer well spent.

Photos by : Anna Frumenti

Styling by : Abby Aranda

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