Super Cute Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Super Cute Last Minute Halloween Costumes
Photographer: Anna Frumenti
Hair and Makeup: Kai Stamps
Words by: Abby Aranda

On Halloween, you can be as outrageous and creative as you want to be. If you're like the rest of us, you get super excited to dress up but you wait until the last minute to find a cute costume. This year, Taste Collection has got you covered. We don't have costumes, we have pieces that you can transform for a fun and whimsical night out! After the Halloween festivities, don't let your outfit go to waste, you can wear these pieces on any other occasion.  

1. French Lady
Taste Collection has a wide assortment of striped ensembles. Just throw in a beret, a baguette and possibly some sunglasses and you've got yourself an instant halloween costume! You can go the extra mile and draw yourself a tres chic mustache with a black eyeliner. Bonus points for being able to wear this look to brunch the next day when you're too hungover to think of an outfit - sans the mustache doodle on your face! 

2. Cat, duh! 

If there's one thing Mean Girls has taught us it's that Halloween is the one night a year where you can wear as little clothing as possible, add some animal ears and pass it off as a costume! Karen Smith said it best: "I'm a mouse, duh!" Taste Collection has a variety of bodysuits that look super cute with cat ears and you can even wear them with jeans, a skirt or any other bottom on a different night out. For this look, makeup is key. You can add some whiskers and shade in your nose with your handy black eyeliner!

3. Sexy Sailor

Don't let your summer favorites accumulate dust in the closet just yet. Bring out your favorite swimsuit, wear some sexy tights, throw in a sailor hat and you're good to go!



4. Crazy Lady

Let's face it, there's a crazy lady inside all of us who's just waiting to break free! If you're out of ideas, wear a wig, mess it up a little bit, come out in your favorite comfortable matching pajamas and've got yourself a last minute crazy lady costume!


 Look 1:

Red and Blue Striped shirt from Six Crisp Days, Sunglasses from Raen, Black Striped shirt from Michelle by Commune, Red lipstick from Beauty for Real

Look 2: 

Velvet Sheer Bodysuit from Undress Code, Swimsuit from Cupshe

 Look 3: 

Black swimsuit from Cupshe, White Maillot from Bikini Lab

Look 4:

Striped Pajama Set from Six Crisp Days

*Six Crisp Days, Raen, Undress Code, Bikini Lab and Beauty for Real are all available for sale at Taste Collection


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