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NY Locations : Washington Square Park

NY Locations : Washington Square Park
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Words by: Edie Kim
Photos by:
 Michael Dumler
Modeled by: Mariel Soehner

    Taste Collection is lucky enough to be located in the sexiest part of the city: Lower Manhattan. As purveyors of lingerie, it’s important that our surroundings reflect the energy of what we sell and downtown Manhattan is where the creatives, the open-minded individuals, the rebels, the exhibitionists, and the grittily unapologetic New Yorkers take shelter. The indomitable spirit of Lower Manhattan has inspired innumerable artists; from Regina Spektor who sang about Delancey Street, to the Ramones who first tasted fame onstage at CBGB (R.I.P.), to Stanley Kubrick who often played chess on the outdoor tables of Washington Square Park. This week, we take a visit to this famed park which epitomizes the vibrant, artistic efficacy that is so integral to those who dream of finally making it; here.

    As easy as it is to get lost in New York, there’s no mistaking the entrance to Washington Square Park; the 77-foot, all-marble arch that demands proper recognition in a city oversaturated with landmarks. Those well-versed in architecture may be familiar with the entryway being a likeness of Paris’ Arc de Triomphe, but the American version commemorates the hero of our own revolution: George Washington. The rebel streak is alive and well in those who seek solace in his namesake, from the NYU students requiring respite from their studies to the archetypal artists performing in the park. Summer is also the perfect time to visit Washington Square Park because of the central fountain that holds 32,000 gallons of water and shoots up to 45 feet in the air; a welcome sight when the weather reaches record highs.

    It’s natural to feel intimidated when planning an outfit to visit the most unconventional part of town, but Taste Collection has the perfect balance between your all-black comfort zone and the trend-setting edge embodied by the Lower Manhattan community: our brand-new “Birthday Suit” one-piece by Dippin’ Daisy’s. The fresh arrival of this item ensures its novelty, and paired with our individually handcrafted Raen sunglasses, you can feel confident about your contemporary choices. For those of you brave (or sweaty) enough to venture closer to the Washington Square Park Fountain, you can also revel in the realization that our “Birthday Suit” doubles as both a bodysuit and a bathing suit.

    Our model Mariel elevated the option of wearing her one-piece as a bodysuit by pairing it with her own items; transforming the “Birthday Suit” into a cute day-dress by accessorizing with a high-waisted skirt and statement belt. Her choices highlight the versatility of this product and how individual tastes can create an entirely new look; a fashion formula fundamental to the trends set in Lower Manhattan.

    As you wander through Washington Square Park and the August sun gets you mercilessly close to stripping down to your natural birthday suit; settling for a new piece labeled “Birthday Suit” is a respectable compromise.

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