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Valentine's Gifts for your Man

Valentine's Gifts for your Man
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Ladies, we have to start thinking about the big V... Yes, that's right - the much anticipated - or dreaded, Valentine's Day!

Men are already such a mystery to us girls - and now we have to get them something on Valentine's?! Getting the right present can be a difficult thing to accomplish but don’t worry we’ve got some options for you.

Here are some straight forward gifts we think most men will appreciate.

Booze Accessories for your Boyfriend

Whether his choice of drink is beer, scotch or bourbon, we can all agree that gifts having to do with alcohol will be well recieved by your man. Why not treat him to some quirky beer mugs, decanters, and scotch glasses? Be a rockstar girlfriend by helping him set up his bar at home.

For you and your Lover

When the gift of love seems enough (you are the present, right ladies?), there is always room to turn things up in the bedroom. This one is a win for both you and your boo. This lover's oil from Province Apothecary is made up of a blend of 10 of the most sensual essential oils for optimum fun and relaxation! Take turns using this to give each other massages and that's a mutually beneficial Valentine's gift! 

Home Accents for His Apartment

Show your appreciation for your boyfriend who is always there to lend a helping hand. These gold catch all trays can serve both as a room accent or a tray to rest your keys and other small items. It's the perfect little gift to complete your man's apartment.

All gift items are available at TCNY.

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