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Warm & Fuzzy For Winter

Warm & Fuzzy For Winter
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Words by: Edie Kim
Photos by: Ira Chistikina
Modeled by: Sasha HartLilia Valerie
All coats sold in-store at: Taste Collection

   It’s officially 2019 and baby, it’s brick outside. December was kind and the weather mild, but January has brought with it a chill as confirmation that “Winter is here.” Gone are the trendy trench coats; replaced by bulky parkas, thick scarves, wool socks, and a month’s supply of hot hands. Winter rules declare the uglier the item, the warmer it is - fashion takes a backseat to basic survival. Like clockwork, the cold initiates a migration of fur-hooded penguins in Canada Goose parkas waddling about New York City once the weather drops to thirty degrees. Despite Canada Goose’s popularity, PETA’s proclamations of animal cruelty committed by this company (against coyotes) are plastered on walls across the city. If you’re sick of the grey skies, the black parkas, the lack of life and energy when the trees are dead and the people are freezing (or if you’re terrified of PETA dumping red paint on your $900 jacket); Taste Collection is here to invite personality into your monotonous winter (and hold animal rights protestors at bay) with our selection of warm and fuzzy faux-fur winter coats!

   All of the coats featured in this article are not only cruelty-free, but are also all under $80 which is nearly unheard of when it comes to winter-wear. Buying a gorgeous coat to absorb warm affirmations for a fun and colorful new year can now be doubled with your resolution to spend money more wisely due to the affordability of our selections. Our model, Sasha, starts us off in a personal favorite: this pink and sequined creation by Loveriche. There are an unlimited number of ways to dress this item up or down; with insulated leggings and thigh high boots or dark denim jeans and suede ankle boots, but all of our imagined variations end with a photoshoot on our pink velvet settee and a token flute of champagne in hand. The pink speaks to us in a winter plagued by shades of black and grey, but the sequin work separates this coat from the basic faux-fur style and lends it a magnified individuality we always strive to spark in our stylings.

   Our next model, Lilia, brings a warm glow to these bleak winter days in a mustard coat by Paper Crane. This jacket is perfect for day-to-day wear if you are slightly less adventurous than our pink-obsessed team. Rather than revert to tired basics like a black parka or grey peacoat, this jacket is neutral enough to be worn casually but stands out in a crowd due to the golden, teddy bear brown. This coat is the epitome of “warm & fuzzy” and evokes a feeling of comfort and cheer because of that honey hue. The oversized aspect of our fuzzy jackets makes it easy to layer to stay warm throughout the winter, but topping off a grungy cold-weather look with a golden brown coat adds effortless style that would otherwise be forfeited by a shapeless parka. Add a pair of chestnut leather boots and look instantly chic all season regardless of what you actually choose to wear between the boots and the fur.

   Lastly is Sasha once more, having traded in our beloved pink fur for a white and brown shaggy variation by Wishlist. The patchwork pattern is a fun, bohemian twist that is a perfect nod to our Lower East Side neighborhood. This piece is for anyone whose inner artist feels stifled by the hordes of indistinguishable parkas on the winter streets. Chestnut leather boots work with this piece as well, or make a statement in white ankle boots. If you’re a brooding classicist, wearing an all black ensemble with black boots underneath is another viable option for a coat this unique. Sasha wears our jacket beautifully with an equally bold red lip that asserts her vivacity; a quality too easily forgotten when the weather grows cold and basic comfort becomes the priority.

   It’s 2019 and life is too short to not dress for the life you want. Instead of huddling under layers of wool and down feathers and waiting out the cold before you feel like living again, brave the winter in a beautiful outfit that makes you feel as warm as you do alive. Rather than insulating with bulk; layer fuzzy turtlenecks with fuzzy sweaters, fuzzy scarves, fuzzy mittens, fuzzy earmuffs, and fuzzy hats for a more sexy and streamlined look. Stay warm & fuzzy this winter - set the tone for the first month of the new year by investing in yourself and your appearance without succumbing to a cold-induced hibernation of self.

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