Model Eats with Sophie Sumner is Mykonos

Model Eats with Sophie Sumner is Mykonos




Welcome to Mykonos!
Tucked along the Greek coast is a gorgeous hip hotel. San Giorgio is situated in the ideal area between Paradise and Paranga beaches. Overlooking the crystal clear waters it its the picture of Grecian paradise. Mykonos as an island is beyond stunning, it feels like you are waking through a filmset for an old school Hollywood romantic classic film. We went in May, just before the season starts (this is heavily advised by all locals!) during June, July and August - the prices are inflated and the island is one big noisy party!!


With only 30 cabs on the island, you have to be patient with getting around but it all helps slow you down from city life and adjust into island living. I can’t express enough the beauty of this island, with everyday a Clear blue sky and with every building being the classic white with dazzling blue finishes, it really is picture perfect and seems to be a bloggers dream!!

Not your normal model eats as we are featuring a hotel but San Giorgio also has a beautiful restaurant. The hotel just got bought by the Soho House members club and next year will only be open to members. With 60% of the hotel being renovated, it is in for a big change so time to get there pronto!!
The hotel gives off Talum vibes - chic, laid back, easy - think less is more! The authentic feels of the hotel is like a cocoon of serenity, the perfect get away.

The San Giorgio restaurant has strong mediterranean vibes. The organic, local produce is like the hotel simple but inspiring. In the words of San Giorgio “the experience aims to physically energize and nourish ones body and soul”







 1.Can you describe your first impressions of San Giorgio?
The hotel is stunning, we lay out overlooking the Greecian turquoise waters on soft day beds soaking in the sun. The dining style was effortless yet chic.

2. What is the best part of your dining experience?
Honestly just being in Greece, I had never realized how utterly beautiful it is and at this time of the year it was very calm.

3.Who would be your perfect companion for a meal at this restaurant?
I think a boyfriend, or a small group of friends who want to soak up the sun and completely chill out.

4.How much do you like the food? Which is your favorite and why?
Mediterranean food has always been one of my favorites, its simple, fresh, crisp and light. We had the grilled avocado and feta with fresh tomatoes, lemon and coriander. The grilled octopus with sauteed potatoes, olives, roasted onions and fresh rosemary pesto. Beef Tacos - with cabbage, tomato sauce and a spicy cocktail sauce and the Linguine with garlic, muscles and clam.
I mean need I say more! The fan favorite was the grilled avocado, who knew that warm avocado could taste so good. Everything was bursting with flavor and honestly just tasted fresh, its hard to explain but you could tell everything was locally grown with love which made even the simplest of dishes beyond delicious.

5. 5 words to describe your experience?
Chic, serene, hip - deliciously fresh

6. Do you like the service? What can you say about the staff?
The staff were lovely, very chilled out and kind. They didn’t overcrowd but were very attentive.

7. Is the place a nice value for money?
Its on the pricer side, but you are paying for the whole package.

8. What is your overall impression of the restaurant?
I would go back in a heartbeat and recommend to everyone!




Words by Sophie Sumner

San Giorgio Hotel
P.O. Box 153
Mykonos 84600

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