What are you looking for in a restaurant? Well, aside from good food which is an essential part of the formula.

 Let me guess.

 A chill place with lots of good vibes?

Nice crowd and attentive staff?

 So, have you found your go-to resto yet?

 Let me help you.

 There’s a newly opened dining space in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. It’s called TSISMIS NYC. It is a Filipino-American restaurant and wine bar offering an eclectic menu promoting the use of local and sustainable ingredients.

 So what’s with the name, you say?

 That’s the fun part actually. The restaurant’s name says a lot about the place - TSISMIS NYC.

TSISMIS is from the Spanish word ‘chisme’. It means ‘gossip’ or ‘idle-talk’. It might help you to understand more if I give you a little background. The Philippines had been under the Spanish regime for more than 300 years, so it is okay to expect the strong influence of the latter to the former.  You will see a lot of resemblance between these two nations from the culture, food, and even language!

 Who’s behind TSISMIS NYC?

 In TSISMIS NYC, you will find the many flavors of the Philippines. Flavors which are interpreted inventively in the hands of a Filipino executive chef who worked at high-end kitchens in France, Italy and New York. He goes by the name Jappy Afzelius. And oh! The owners, Stephen Young and Reggie Aguinaldo, have Filipino roots, too. So yeah, you can ensure that you will only get the best and authentic Filipino dishes here!

 What to find on the menu?

Well, Filipino cuisine isn’t new to the United States of America. The arrival of TSISMIS NYC at one of the popular food hubs of the country marks its entrance to the state’s mainstream food scene.


TSISMIS NYC menu offers truly Filipino flavors such as pork dumplings, fritos, lumpia, and laing. Even their Caesar salad has Filipino ingredients! The famous chicken adobo is also available. Add in the list some of the local staples like longganisa, dinuguan, and even Visayan humba. If you’re not yet salivating with these choices I provided, add sinigang na salmon and bangus belly in the list. Delectable! Let me say that the steamed Rellenong Bangus is a must-try. Also, include the halo-halo dessert that uses coconut sorbet in place of shaved ice.


If you want more, check out Chef's Tasting Menu that features seasonal dishes with wine pairings. It requires a reservation though.

 Filipino food can be everything and anything you want it to be. When you’re lucky, you can even have a meal which is a combined cultural and historical intersection of the Philippines and wherever you are from, with strong contemporary American influence. Imagine that!

 I suggest you go visit the place now to see more of various options. And oh! Everything they serve is freshly made and tasty.

 So, what’s in it for you?

 The dining space has a tropical feel, comfortable, very inviting, unpretentious but self-conscious. The restaurant is vibrant. It is refined and you will see the great quality in all details. The Spanish green and red colors combined well with the natural sunlight of the space and well-lit faces of the personnel. The overall experience is so chill. You will definitely have a good time as everyone here is super laid back. Indeed, a perfect spot to kill some time and enjoy a cold glass of refreshment over small talks.

 TSISMIS NYC is a gathering place to bring people, food, and drink together. In here, you will have the best house party Filipino food!

 So, what more could you possibly ask for?


Writer : Missy Penaverde-Ilarde

Victorya Petrovskaya

Wai Ng

Chef Jappy

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