Revisiting Pearl Farm Resort

Revisiting Pearl Farm Resort

Taste Collection Ph: Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Written by: Nina Tan


I grew up in the province of Butuan. As a kid, I remember driving up and enjoying the big city of Davao over the weekend. Back then, it took us 5 hours to get there. The long drive, however, was so worth it as we would usually enjoy the malls and eat in different kinds of restaurants that were scarce in my home province.
As someone who was nurtured in the province, I bloomed to become a beach lover. An hour or two drive leads to our beach house where we usually spent long weekends together -- eating the freshest seafood and bathing under the sun amidst the crystal clear waters.

Now living in the Metro, my kids are unfamiliar with that kind of rural setup. So, when we visited my hometown recently, I planned an exciting trip I know they will never forget. I made sure to revisit an oldie but goodie site, Pearl Farm in Davao when we went to their grandparents home.

About Pearl Farm

Pearl Farm resort is the only 5-star resort in Mindanao, making it a place worth visiting. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and just get away from it all while enjoying luxury, the Pearl Farm is the perfect place to be.

If you’re coming from the city of Davao, take a 40-minute boat ride to Samal Island where the Pearl Farm is located.

A Walk to Remember

Arriving at the Pearl Farm Resort was nostalgic for me. I remember it from my childhood, and I couldn’t believe I was back in the very same place twenty years after, with my own family! But more than that, I couldn’t believe how beautiful it still is – the beach, the trees, and the resort itself was very well-maintained after all these years.

We were greeted by the pleasant wind, the warm mighty sun, the beautiful swaying trees, and the impressive water villas. Everything looked perfectly inviting. As we docked, welcome drinks were served as locals perform a lively song and dance. The resort staff was nothing short of hospitable and warm to every guest. They were all amazing!

We first had our lunch at the Maranao Restaurant where we ordered mostly seafood from the menu. Everything was great but my favorite had to be the seafood plate that was served on the banana leaf. I had to ditch the spoon and fork, and ate with my hands — the best way to truly enjoy it! I am confident that my whole family enjoyed the meal, too!

Our Accommodation at Pearl Farm Davao

We stayed at the Malipano Villa, which was idly sitting on a separate island, about 5-10 minutes via their speedboat. We chose this because we were a family of 10 and we wanted to make the most out of our stay. The villa had 3 rooms and a living area that had the sea as its breathtaking view.

Staying at the Malipano Villa also had us accessing our own beachfront, which was perfect as we enjoyed afternoon swims in privacy. The resort had access to 3 beachfronts. The main island, where the resort’s main entrance is, also houses an infinity pool, a perfect spot for my daughter. She spent half of the day there while taking sips of milkshakes between her lips.

What To Do at Pearl Farm Davao

Walking around the resort is a good way to while away the time. The cleanliness of the surroundings is very evident, anyone would notice it. Our family particularly enjoyed kayaking after we had enough of wading through the refreshing waters of the swimming pool and the beach.

Other activities on the island include diving, coral tours, fishing tours, taklobo tours, wakeboarding, knee boarding, water skiing, banana boat ride, disc-o, speedboat cruise, jet ski, flyboarding, flying fish, and sunset cruise. Given more time to space, I’m sure we will be trying the other activities. Oh well, there’s always a “next time.”

If you’re not a fan of water activities or if you’d rather do other things with your family and friends, the resort also has a gym and a sports bar that offers billiards, darts, PS2 and a foosball table. Find yourself at the Mandaya Sports Bar & Gym if you want to do just those. The Mandaya Spa, on the other hand, is for those who want to drift away in a relaxing massage.

What to Eat at Pearl Farm Davao

When dinnertime approached, we found ourselves heading back to our villa to freshen up. The speedboats are upon request and can bring you back and forth from the main island to the Malipano Villas. Each ride would take around 5-10 minutes, but always with an enticing view of the sea and the sky.

Dinner was served at the Maranao Restaurant, but this time it was a buffet. There was a live band that sang island songs, setting a relaxing mood for all the diners. The spread only had a number of dishes, but each one was tasteful. They were cooked beautifully and flavorful.
My favorites had to be the grilling or “sugba” station where they had squid and tuna on skewers, grilled to perfection.

Porchetta was also served, and it was the crunchiest, most tasteful one I’ve had — truly impressive.

Another favorite of mine was the Paella Negra. All in all, I would give the Maranao Restaurant 5 stars not only for having friendly staff but most importantly because of the excellent quality of food they serve.

After our dinner, we headed to the bar for a fancy nightcap. We found ourselves alone in the bar. It was a quiet night and we had a small conversation with their bartender who has been there for more than 10 years. I told him about my childhood experiences of the resort and at how much I’m amazed by the great maintenance and upkeep of the place.

Our stay was short but sweet. It was truly memorable for me to be able to revisit the place, with my family this time around. I don’t remember much of the activities they had before but I’m glad of what they offer today. It makes me proud to have this kind of resort in Mindanao; moreover, it makes me happy to be able to take my kids to a beautiful place like this and make
memories with them. Memories that we will all treasure, forever.

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